About Us

Currently based in Las Vegas, Nevada, Modest Rager was founded in 2019 as a small online shop for all to discover unique clothing and lifestyle products that would fit their lifestyle.  

Modest Rager values unique products that do not represent a brand or label, but rather the idea of collectively collaborating for new concepts and whatever lifestyle you choose. 

Our vision is to create a little space where we could share our items, dreams, and lifestyles with other like- minded groups who found these products useful, brought joy into their life, and essential to their busy lives. 

Our passion for bringing the freshest products to you inspires us to search for a bit longer,   understand trends and the latest styles because at the end of the day, we’re customers too!

As a company, we are always looking for that next opportunity to create a more convenient, “hassle-free” shopping experience with excellent customer support. 

Any thoughts, comments, and suggestions are always welcome! 

- The Modest Rager Team